Saturday, 28 February 2009

New Images at Funky KIts

Just as wee note to say the new Leanne Ellis images went on sale last night over at Funky Kits, yes i've ordered mine.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Mr Postman just been, and had several packages this morning, but, most importantly he had my GORJUSS GIRLS, can't wait to get them stamped up, hope I have enough ez mount.

Update = Had enough ez mount, all mounted and have stamped each one several times, have spent the last couple of hours colouring in 2 or 3, and they are fab, think my favourite is the one sitting with legs out to side, but LOVE them all.

The boys have both moved up a grade at Taekwando, Conner got his 1st belt tonight, now a yellow strip, and Adam got his 3rd, he's now a green belt.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Found this fabby layout and just had to update to a gorjuss girl image, love it.

The day is getting better, my stamps are in the post, will be stalking the poor postie again until they arrive.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Quick post to update

Ok, X factor was great, JLS and Eoghan were fantastic, but then again so was Ruth, Alexandra, Diana (Who really isn't my cup of tea), Daniel and Rachel, they also had the three most memorable auditonees on the tour to, I'll leave you to guess which ones they were, JLS opened the evening dancing with Signature(From Britians Got Talent) It was a great opening, and the compare for the evening was Jeff Brazzier, all in all it was a great show, really enjoyed it so did Adam and he did really well and was so good while we were there, he is the biggest Eoghan Quigg fan ever.

Also been to doctor today and throat and head is killing me, just want to lie down and sleep, but thats not so easy with poorly little ones in the house, and yes I too now have anti biotics, and to top it all dearest husband is in Norway.

Looking forward to receiving my Gorjuss girls, not sure when we;ll get them now as Tracy at Funky Kits has had an accident and is plaster, get well soon Tracy.
We took some photos last night at the concert i'll post a couple whwn I feel upto it.

Take care xxxxx

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Just a quick update, dearst husband has gone back to work for the next couple of weeks, so I should manage to get more crafting done, i have missed my blogging recently. Meanwhile Adams on antibiotics for a throat infection, which I now have caught and will have to try and get a doctors appointment for, and Conner has just got over a bought og Impetigo, boy it never rains but it pours in this house.

I am taking Adam to his first live music concert tonight, as he is a mad fan of Owen Quigg (Yes i know thats not how its spelt) we promised to take him to the X Factor live concert, so he's bouncing today with excitment.

Back later hopefully, if not take care. xxx

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Whiff Of Joys have arrived

Yippee off to colour in, the spring kit arrived today along with the ones i ordered from the medieveil collection, thank you Mr Postie.

Back Later

Monday, 16 February 2009

Magnolia Easter 2009 Collection

Have just preordered my favourites from this new collections arriving soon over at Sir Stampalot, they are adorable.

Had a fantastic weekend away, no kids just the two of us, weather was great, and it was nice just to chill back and relax, thanks to my dear mum who had the two boys all weekend.

I've been bust colouring in, and hopefully when dearst hubby goes back to work this week I'll get more cards made and posted up for you.

Take Care.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Just a quick to post to say I haven't been around much due to DH being at home, and the kids being off school with the snowy conditions, although all in all we've been very lucky in the fact that we have had very little snow compared to the rest of the country, although we have built snowmen and been sledging, I'm sure I'll get round to posting pics when I get the software loaded back onto myh computer, to cut a long story short have had major PC issues over the weekend, and have had to do a complete recovery on the desktop, I am now looking around for a new one, but will continue with the old thing and the boys laptop for the time being.

I have been stmaping and colouring and hopefully will get some cards made with them soon to share with you, I have received my new Sugar Nellies from Elisabeth Belle and they are fabby.