Monday, 23 February 2009

Quick post to update

Ok, X factor was great, JLS and Eoghan were fantastic, but then again so was Ruth, Alexandra, Diana (Who really isn't my cup of tea), Daniel and Rachel, they also had the three most memorable auditonees on the tour to, I'll leave you to guess which ones they were, JLS opened the evening dancing with Signature(From Britians Got Talent) It was a great opening, and the compare for the evening was Jeff Brazzier, all in all it was a great show, really enjoyed it so did Adam and he did really well and was so good while we were there, he is the biggest Eoghan Quigg fan ever.

Also been to doctor today and throat and head is killing me, just want to lie down and sleep, but thats not so easy with poorly little ones in the house, and yes I too now have anti biotics, and to top it all dearest husband is in Norway.

Looking forward to receiving my Gorjuss girls, not sure when we;ll get them now as Tracy at Funky Kits has had an accident and is plaster, get well soon Tracy.
We took some photos last night at the concert i'll post a couple whwn I feel upto it.

Take care xxxxx

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