Monday, 25 May 2009

Friday 22ns May 2009

Hi girls, well it's Monday again, my the weeks are flying past, only a few more weeks till we are off on holidays, not going far, a week in Sunny Glasgow, then a week in Sunny Inverness, but at least it's away from home, yippee, i will be taking a batch of images and my markers with me, incase I get some time, as we are in a caravan site in Inverness and it might rain, i am hoping it won't but you never can be sure.

Anyways I'll be back later when boys are in bed with yesterdays card that I tried to post but just couldn't get it to load, and I've also managed a card today also, so heres hoping all goes smoothly when i try later.

Back in a bit.

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Tonje said...

Oh, I envy you... I used to live in Inverness... lived there for 5 years. It's a great place (well, that's my opinion anyway).