Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Good Evening, morning, afternoon, what ever time it may be that you are reading this post, well went off to collect my dearest sons from my mums this afternoon and ended up at Papercrafts boutique in Elgin today, this is the home of Sugar Nellie Sweetness, although Mrs M is off sunning herself in Glasgow I can honestly say the girls were busy cutting rubber like you've never seen before, mountains of it, couldn't believe the piles they were doing, just goes to showw how popular these images are as they are always selling out, thankfully I've got almost every image released to date(there are a few i still need well want maybe not need), anyway after a little (well ok not so little) splash on crafty goodies we headed home, only ofr the youngest son to decide he wasn't coming home until Saturday, ahhhhhh boys.

Never mind DH back offshore for a few weeks, so it's all quiet here just me and Adam, actually its very blissfully peaceful.

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hayward69 said...

Did you ask them whilst you were there if your Gorjuss stamps had gone out? I would have been really eager to find out lol!

Looking forward to seeing you creations.

Jayne xx