Monday, 28 September 2009

An Award,

Thank you so much Heike for chooseing me as one of the five to receive this lovely award!!
Here are the rules... One of the conditions of accepting this lovely Award is to give away five things about yourself, and then pass it onto five lovely people.
Here goes,
1. I love crafting, all sorts I have tried many different ones over the years.
2. I grew up on a farm, and have a love of all animals.
3. I love science fiction.
4. I have some of the best friends around.
5. I have two adorable little boys who are my world.
Now to pass this onto 5 lovely people,
Girls enjoy your award they are well deserved.


hayward69 said...

Hi Fiona, thank you so much for the reward you are a true friend. Love your latest Sugar Nellie Manga Xmas card.

Jayne xx

Penni said...

Great Award Fiona, thanks so much for thinking of me when passing it on, I'll display it with pride!!


Kat said...

Hi Fiona, thanks vey much for this lovely award. It is so nice of you to think of me. I love your latest Manga Christmas card too. I have just posted a card with one of the others on it. Now I need to go and display it and decide who to pass it on to!

Kat xx